Management and collaboration solutions developed by iSofthub provides its clients tools that make their job easier and more efficient. Our offered solutions are both generic as well as client specific /custom tailored solutions that meet your needs. We believe in parallel growth where we will grow only when our clients grow, thatís why we provide solutions that are technologically advanced, efficient and cost effective too. Our customer base is from wide variety of industries. Apart from this our solutions are secure , robust and scalable. The process improvement can be implemented by ways of logs and project tracking solutions.

Our solutions provide better project insight, flexibility thus organizations become:

  • Customer centric
  • Collaborative
  • Well managed
  • Transparent and accountable

No matter the industry or size of your business, we can implement the software that you need to fulfill your needs in time and without expensive upgrades.

WE can provide you all kind of management and collaboration solutions.

Such Solutions bring team members together where they get along in the same place.They collaborate share ideas and learn with the ultimate aim of increasing organization efficiency.

We offer solutions to meet your requirements that range from :

An online Project Management System that allows managing, collaborating, tracking and administering wide variety of projects. Its secure architecture makes it suitable for various projects ranging in various kinds of engineering works. A tool that gives you a hierarchical control of the whole project based on access systems.
A system that brings transparency in organizations and answerability. Makes problem solving easier. Complaints can be lodged and can be monitored through easy consoles.
Complaint Monitoring System makes organizations efficient and saves time and money.
It controls the bookkeeping and accounting needed to operate a Warehouse for an organization. This performs day-to-day operations of the warehouse, and conduct accounting of the products stored in the warehouse. Helps to handle the flow of incomming and outgoing quantities of products.